Raw Hem Denim

March 15, 2016

With last years rise of the vintage Levi, this year brings a few twists on the persistent trend. When investing in a pair of jeans this season, reach for raw hem denim.

When thinking about where this trend started, Vetements (what denim dreams are made of) is the obvious starting point. The insanely brilliant brand sews together different sections of vintage denim in a Frankenstein-esq manner. The result is pockets that appear twice, lines formed from different shades of washes, or hems that are longer in the back then in the front.

Another recent hemline development, thickly rolled cuffs are the next big thing. These Citizen of Humanity relaxed hem jeans do the trick just right.

3×1 makes these fun frayed edged jeans. Black, white, or navy, these will jazz up any outfit. This style could also make a very nice DIY project.

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