Alice Gray

July 28, 2017

Alice and I met at USC in the Fine Arts program. We bonded over our love of drawing. Since graduating, Alice has been on a major journey pursuing her music career. This past Friday, she released her first song, “Pink Cadillac.”  Alice’s hauntingly beautiful voice is the kind that penetrates your soul. She’s developed quite an audience on Instagram and shares daily covers of both classic and popular songs. I met with Alice and she shared her personal artistic journey with me. I hope you enjoy hearing about her path and what she’s learned along the way as much as I did.


Q: What motivates you to write songs? 

After college, I decided to get sober. I literally cut it out cold turkey. The first three months of sobriety were some of the worst months of my life. Not because I gave up alcohol, but because I found myself rejected by some of my closest friends. I didn’t realize how much alcohol tied my friendships together. But after those three months, things really got moving. I started writing about my lost relationships as a coping process, but it turned into a bigger conversation that I wanted to have with others dealing with that level of loneliness and self-doubt. My songs may sound like bitter breakup songs, but they’re about friendships and abandonment.

Q: What are your thoughts on Instagram? How did you get started? 

Instagram has been my main platform. It all stemmed from meeting with Zella Day’s producer. I randomly tweeted at him with an old song I’d made and he surprisingly responded and agreed to meet. He advised me to go play some open mics, start an Instagram, define my brand and get some people on board. I went home that day and started my Alice Gray Instagram account. It’s been great for me, giving me a platform to show people my voice and vision. I’m still learning how to navigate social media- I think we all are. You have to decide how much of yourself you want to show and how much of yourself you want to brand.

Q: What does your daily hustle look like? 

For the past year, I’ve had two jobs. I go straight from work as an art director to writing and recording sessions that go until midnight, but it’s been really fun. I’m lucky to have found a lot of great people that have been willing to invest their time and work into my career. It’s been a collaborative effort.

Q: What’s next for Alice Gray? 

I’m working on a music video for my song “Pink Cadillac.” And I don’t want to do a literal interpretation of the song, I could literally be driving a Pink Cadillac, but it’s not about that at all. It’s going to start off timid and slowly break out into a crazy dance routine. I feel like it’s representative of me. I’m introverted but have all of these wild ideas that I want to put out into the world. I’ve wasted too much time being afraid and influenced by others. I’m finally embracing who I am and I’m not apologizing for it.  And everything I’ve done has seemed impossible at first, but I just don’t give myself the time to doubt it, I keep moving until I’ve made it a reality.


Rapid Fire Questions:

Coffee or tea: Coffee!

Book that has been part of your creative journey: Just Kids by Patti Smith

Early or late riser: Early-ish

Rigid or free flowing routine: Free flowin’

A creative wardrobe essential: Overalls or a jumpsuit of some kind. All about comfort and mobility. 

Beauty rituals that keep you sane: Moisturizer and lots of it! Obsessing over Deciem’s Ordinary line – especially the organic cold pressed rosehip seed oil


Make sure to listen to Pink Cadillac here!


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